Laura Doehler





Ba in Dance Theatre at Trinity Laban Conservatoire for Music and Dance 2004

Ma Performance Making at Goldsmiths University London 2012


Picking up on impermanence and change Laura choses improvisation as the format to trace and train focus that observes change. She initiates collective processes that in themselves facilitate and disseminate an embodiment of ideas, which circle around social connectivity and manifest via events that people can participate in and witness. The shedding of boundaries of self and other and the integration of performance and practice as part of everyday life are reoccurring themes. The most recent work of Exit Map which Laura is founder of, The Shared Training Practice in SE London, the Free to Move Movement, and Trilogy Twerk a Sonata, are projects brought to life in close dialogue with other cross-disciplinary artists that build on collective ownership and are defined by processes; the product being ourselves changing. Laura Doehler, BA (Dance Theatre) and MA (Performance Making), teaches movement (release, CI, improvisation, composition and movement analysis) in HE at the National School of Circus Arts London. H2dance, Tara’ Darquin, Monsur Ali and Anne-Gaelle Thiriot are artists she is currently working with as performer, collaborator and researcher.

When I was already working as dancer and maker I felt the need to enhance my performance skills and to take a closer look at what it was I really valued and what I could offer that was unique. I wanted to move away from being just a body. That is when improvisation and collective research became my means to realise such an inquiry .Over the past years improvisation moved on from being a means to an end towards being an end in its own right. For me it is a philosophy about connectivity to ones immediate environment utilising senses, speaking through music, movement and visual arts. It creates the social self and by producing an embodied heightened state of awareness we bring about a sincere understanding of the nature of change that is not only conceptual but felt. It is a medium of performance through which people from any background can engage and be moved by and an exploration of an unspoken language that allows any kind of expression besides amplifying the act of listening. Exit Map which I founded in 2004, has therefore over the recent years transformed into a platform for cross- disciplinary performance, improvisation and a way of life.


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